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3 ways that bricks and mortar businesses can harness the power of Facebook

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When you start a business that has some kind of online remit – perhaps an online apparel retailer or some form of online consultancy – it can be easy to understand the benefits of using social media platforms. Through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you can engage in a dialogue that can reinforce your brand positioning and ultimately lead to online sales. But what about when you start a bricks and mortar business that has no platform for online sales? Can a social media management service, such as KC Media, impact your business in a positive way then? The answer is yes, and here are three specific ways that Facebook can be used to boost the success of any local, bricks and mortar business.

Create a local promotion. Before you have a sizeable number of Facebook fans for your business page, you might be wondering if it is at all possible to reach your local target demographic on Facebook, and it totally is. When you have a great promotion that you want to get on the radar of local people, you might put details in the local people or hire a local billboard. You can do exactly the same thing on Facebook because Facebook allows for local targeting. And not just local targeting, but also targeting across age, gender, and interests. If you know that your deal would appeal to guys in their 20s who live in your area, that is exactly the group that you can target with a Facebook ad.

Encourage check-ins. When you create a business page on Facebook, people can "check-in" to your page from their smartphones when they are in your establishment. It is a good idea to encourage these check-ins for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it shows that people are actually visiting your business, and secondly, the more check-ins you have, the higher your page will rank in Facebook search results.

Encourage reviews. It is also possible for people to leave reviews for your business on your Facebook page. Whether you have a local pizzeria or a local financial consultancy, it can be a great idea to encourage your customers to leave a positive review. First of all, it's always great to receive feedback, because with feedback you can learn how to improve your business offering. But from a local promotional perspective, this is also useful. This is because if somebody reviews your bricks and mortar business, they will be local people from your area. The review will then show on their own Facebook timelines so that their friends in the area will see it, organically spreading a promotional message about your business.